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225710 Pinsk Town,
str. Dnieper Flotila, 21

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Pinsk is the heart and soul of Polesia, the land of eternal boundless bogs... The birthplace ol Pinsk is the Pina river. It gave the city a glorious name and the fate of an important center of civilization at the crossroads of waterways that connected the Baltic and Black Seas. Every spring their dense network merged together to form a real “Pinsk sea”, in the center of which situated an island city, seemed from a distance to be a magical vision created from the water, fogs and reflections of dawn...

The city over Pina is over nine centuries old, its true age is a secret of the seven seals, but the first reliable mention of Pinsk on the pages of the Old Russian chronicle “The Tale of Bygone Years” is dated November 5,1097. The history of Pinsk is a fusion of epochs, where years of creating were replaced by the clangour of sabres and bellow of cannons, where then, at the ruins, the city shrines once again ascended to the sky... The site of the ancient castle on the left bank of the Pina hides unsolved secrets and timeworn legends, it still dreams of the Principality of Pinsk lost somewhere among the bogs ... On the surface of the old city the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth neighbours with the Russian Empire, with the untouched symbols of the Soviet Union and the signs of the new time, embodying modern Belarus...

Today, Pinsk is home to almost 140,000 residents and closes the dozen of the country's largest cities. Depute the devastating wars and the ruinous fires, Pinsk has preserved its priceless heritage, which puts it on a par with the most beautiful historical cities of Belarus. In Pinsk hoary antiquity and vibrant youth have converged, it is romantic and innovative at the same time. Here, in the mirror of the river are reflected the titans of the past epochs - a prodigious collegium and a solemn, like a hymn to heaven the baroque ensemble of the Franciscan monastery... Here snow-white ships slide on the waves of Pina, Strumyen and Pripyat, and white storks circle over the city quarters...

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